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I have a piece of ruby code for compiling .scss code. I am trying to build a custom importer to load files from DB.

Here is my ruby code:

require 'rubygems'
require 'sass'
require 'sass/plugin'
require './eptimporter'  # my custom importer( code below )

Sass::Plugin.options[:load_paths] ||= []
Sass::Plugin.options[:load_paths] <<"dummy")

puts Sass::Plugin.options[:load_paths]
puts Sass.compile_file("sass/sass.scss")  # scss file (code below)

Here is my importer:

module Sass
  module Importers
    class Eptimporter < Base

      attr_accessor :root

      def initialize(root)
        @root = root

      # @see Base#find_relative
      def find_relative(name, base, options)

      # @see Base#find
      def find(name, options)
        options[:syntax] = ":scss"
        options[:filename] = name
        options[:importer] = self"p { color :blue; }", options)

      # @see Base#mtime
      def mtime(name, options)

      # @see Base#key
      def key(name, options)
        [ , name]

      # @see Base#to_s
      def to_s

And finally my scss file:

@import "dummy.scss";
p { 
  color: red; 
  span { text-transform: uppercase; }

The custom importer just returns a static CSS code p { color :blue; } no matter what the import string is. I do get a File to import not found or unreadable: dummy.scss. (Sass::SyntaxError) error. What can cause this error?

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2 Answers 2

Use a hash to pass your options to compile_file.

load_paths = Sass::Plugin.options[:load_paths] || []
load_paths <<"dummy")

Sass.compile_file("sass/sass.scss", {:load_paths => load_paths})


Sass.compile_file("sass/sass.scss", {:importer =>"dummy")})
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Are you sure your Importer is being registered? Try registering like this: Sass.load_paths <<'dummy')

You might also find a problem in the options[:syntax]. It should be :scss instead of ":scss"

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