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Does Kendo UI PanelBar support HierarchicalDataSource? I have code that works for Kendo TreeView but if instead of a TreeView I tell it to build a PanelBar, no control is constructed.

I am using 2012 Q3 -- Is this even supported or am I trying something that is not implemented?

 var ss = new kendo.data.HierarchicalDataSource({ data: panelBarSource });

            dataSource: ss,
            dataValueField: "id",
            dataTextField: "name"

panelBarSource resembles:

enter image description here

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Kendo UI PanelBar currently doesn't support hierarchical data source. Alternatively you can use a JSON object to initialize it. Check the docs for more information:

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As of this writing PanelBar does support hierarchical data model:

Please review the following link:

You'll find it about half way down...

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