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I have a Play 2 application which is using Guice to inject a static object (a realtime sensor monitoring object) into Application.java:


public class Application extends Controller {
    @Inject static MonitorService monitorService;


public class Dependencies {
   public MonitorService getMonitorService(final MonitorFactory factory) {
       return new MonitorService(factory){
              public MonitorService(Factory factory){
                 return factory.getMonitor();

My problem is that I would like to access the factory or monitor object when the play application is exiting in order to shut it down gracefully. I have looked at hooking into the GlobalSettings.onStop but cannot see a way to extract a reference from the Play.Application object. I have tried injecting MonitorService into the Global class but it returns a null object so I am assuming the Dependencies object has been destroyed by this stage.

I am also aware this approach may be totally wrong ;)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I assume that you are using the Typesafe plugin.

AFAIK, unfortunately, there is no listener when the plugin is shut down, there is an onStart() method, but not any onStop() method.

So either you fork the plugin, either you integrate Guice yourself in the onStart/onStop methods of the Global object.

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Thanks Nico, just as I suspected. Thanks for your help. – flownez Nov 29 '12 at 9:07

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