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I'm trying to figure out how to prevent sortable dragging and propagation when hovering over a fixed element at the bottom of the page.

Off hand, I'm not sure what the best & simplest way to do this would be.

I've created a simple example outlining the issue here:

Sortable code:

  items: ".sortable",
  dropOnEmpty: true,
  forcePlaceholderSize: true,
  forceHelperSize: false,
  connectWith: ".column",
  placeholder: "placeholder",
  cursor: "move",
  tolerance: "pointer",

And there is a simple HTML element fixed to the footer of the page.

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Sortable has an option containment. Set containment: '.container' while initializing your sortable element and add the property margin-bottom: 251px; in the class container (the fixed part total height). Then the element cannot be on your fixed part and it should prevent any event raised from sortable.

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