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This is almost like 2D array. Each slot of the array is a DoubleBuffer.

Before when I do single Buffer, I used this in JNI: Assume my JNI method take in a DoubleBuffer

double *dBuf = env->GetDirectBufferAddress(env, buf);

and then just indexing with simply using dBuf[i] => where i is index. Let say I want to pass in an array of FloatBuffer, how do i indexing in to the slot and allocate data

can i say

double **dBuf = env->GetDirectBufferAddress(env, buf); ??

Help pls thanks

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No you can't. You have to obtain each element of the Java array with GetObjectArrayElement(), and then access each element as a DoubleBuffer using its API via JNI as usual.

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you are correct i just solved it the way you mention here. thanks –  Lan Nguyen Nov 28 '12 at 9:14

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