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Database model for entities

I have entities which are indeirectly connected. Here, Task is connected to Sprint indirectly. One BacklogItem can have several Task and each BacklogItem belongs to one Sprint. So, In my application I needed all the Tasks belonging to some sprint. Since they do not connect directly, I had to write a many code lines which is below:

public viewResult tasksForSprint(int sprintId){
List<Task> tasksforSprint = new List<Task>();

var backlogItemlsit = db.BacklogItems.Where(b => b.sprintId == sprintId).OrderBy(i => i.backlogId).ToList();
var sprintTaskItems = db.Tasks.OrderBy(i => i.taskId).ToList();
foreach (var item in sprintTaskItems)
            if (backlogItemlsit.Any(b => b.backlogId == item.backlogId))
return view(tasksforSprint);

Now, what I want is get that List tasksforSprint with one LINQ query rather than 6 lines of code. Thanks in advance.

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Looks like it's a join. Untested:

    .Where(b => b.sprintId == sprintId)

        // outer join key
        sprint => sprint.backlogId, 

        // inner join key
        task => task.backlogId,

        // result selector -- take the tasks
        (outer, inner) => inner)
.OrderBy(task => task.taskId)    
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Thanks you very much. I got the idea now. –  asish Nov 30 '12 at 0:25

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