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I have a fairly basic "color pulse" animation where when you hover on something it pulses from white to blue. This works fine except for one thing -- When I remove my mouse, it just reverts to white instantly. I'm trying to figure out how to get it to fade back to white, but no luck so far.

stylus code:

@-webkit-keyframes pulse
        background #FFF
        background #88B1DA
        background #FFF

    background    #FFF
    transition    background 0.5s linear

        animation pulse 2s linear infinite;
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Make a Fiddle. @cwolves –  Avin Varghese Nov 28 '12 at 2:12

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Use Transition on Hover Also

You need to combine a transition with your hover animation. See fiddle (in a webkit browser). In order for it to change background back to #fff it has to have first changed it from that to the pulse color #88B1DA, as the transition property does not trigger off the animation state of the element. By setting the transition to half the animation cycle time, it seems to be working smoothly for me no matter what point I exit the hover state from.

@-webkit-keyframes pulse {
    0% { background: #FFF;}
    50% { background: #88B1DA;}
    100% { background: #FFF;}

.scaffolding {
    background:    #FFF;
    -webkit-transition: background 1s linear;
.scaffolding:hover {
    background:    #88B1DA;
    -webkit-transition: background 1s linear;
    -webkit-animation: pulse 2s linear infinite;

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Thanks, didn't occur to me that I needed a background color on hover for some reason :) –  zyklus Nov 29 '12 at 19:52

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