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Is there a way for XCode to warn about new API calls?

I'm building an app that will support iOS 4.3 through iOS 6.x. However, I unknowingly used a method that is marked __OSX_AVAILABLE_STARTING(__MAC_NA, __IPHONE_6_0). This means that the selector does not exist in previous versions of iOS.

Of course, when I tested my code on an iOS 5.x device, the app crashed. I figured out what was going on, and inserted a respondsToSelector check, and default to the "iOS 4.x way" of doing things when it fails this check.

How can I prevent these bugs in the future? Is there a compile-time way to figure out that I am accessing iOS-6-only methods, so that I can add appropriate iOS feature-checks?

I don't want to accidentally ship a product that works fine on my iOS6 devices, only to have it fail on someone's iOS4.3 device, because the selector does not exist.

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Generally it says in the spec. – Hot Licks Nov 28 '12 at 2:02

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The answer here worked for me:

Download this header:

And put the following at the top of your .pch file:

#import "MJGAvailability.h"
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