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I know that in AES, in encryption stage, in MixColumns, we use [4x4] coefficient matrix with values having only (00,01,02,03). Does anyone know what values are used for coefficient matrix in InvMixColumns at decryption stage? I know those coefficients occur by taking inverse of 00,01,02,03 in rajindel field. I calculated those as


The association shown above is coefficient--------->Its inverse in Rajindel field represented in decimal. Are the values correct? I need some confirmation. Thanks in advance!!

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The polynomial coefficients of AES are actually:

03, 01, 01, 02

Which can be inverted to:

0B, 0D, 09, 0E

See also section 4.3 of FIPS 197, particular equations (4.14), (4.15), (5.5), and (5.9).

Note that it is not as simple as inverting each coefficient in the field GF(28). Instead, you invert the polynomial in the whole ring of polynomials modulo x4+1.

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