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In app with (Gemfile ):

gem "devise", ">= 2.1.2"
gem 'rails', '3.2.8' 
gem 'jquery_mobile_rails'

Before add jquery-mobile, all works fine, when enter invalidad data i got the page with a error message and log :

Started POST "/users/sign_in" for at 2012-11-28 12:01:13 -0500
Processing by Devise::SessionsController#create as HTML
  Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"jLtHS2q0wO+tgswm9VM2/EiuTiq7J9Wwp8d65t/RSGE=", "user"=>{"email"=>"", "password"=>"[FILTERED]", "remember_me"=>"0"}, "commit"=>"Sign in"}
Completed 401 Unauthorized in 0ms
Processing by Devise::SessionsController#new as HTML
  Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"jLtHS2q0wO+tgswm9VM2/EiuTiq7J9Wwp8d65t/RSGE=", "user"=>{"email"=>"", "password"=>"[FILTERED]", "remember_me"=>"0"}, "commit"=>"Sign in"}
  Rendered devise/shared/_links.html.erb (0.8ms)
  Rendered devise/sessions/new.html.erb within layouts/application (3.2ms)
  Rendered layouts/_navigation.html.erb (0.5ms)
  Rendered layouts/_messages.html.erb (0.0ms)
Completed 200 OK in 29ms (Views: 28.9ms)

After add jquery-mobile, when login with correct data works fine, but with invalid data i get 401 and dont redirect noting . In the http response (view with firebug ) show only the message with the error like "invalid email" (not html code nor json) and jquery-mobile show "Error loading page".

Started POST "/users/sign_in" for at 2012-11-27 21:32:45 -0500
Processing by Devise::SessionsController#create as HTML
  Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"EYx56pui4v6trcuzmXQuhzY2BDHwqrADepKuySx9ub0=", "user"=>{"email"=>"", "password"=>"[FILTERED]", "remember_me"=>"0"}, "commit"=>"Sign in"}
Completed 401 Unauthorized in 0ms

I have default devise controller and default views generated.

How handle errors message of devise with jquery mobile ?

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What exactly is the problem here? Devise is supposed to return a 401 Unauthorized message when the login data is invalid. – Ashitaka Nov 28 '12 at 15:31
ok, i tested, and you rigth, my problem is after 401, not redirect, with jquery-mobile show "error loading page", without send all html with message error – Andrés Ricardo Torres Martínez Nov 28 '12 at 17:07
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Only not use ajax with jquery-mobile and devise for default.

In config/initializers/devise.rb

# If http headers should be returned for AJAX requests. True by default.
  config.http_authenticatable_on_xhr = false
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Another solution is to add

:html => {:data => {:ajax => 'false'}}

to the form in question so jQM doesn't hijack it and turn it into an ajax request.

Please see my full answer for the same question

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