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I have been trying to use the row count function which is part of the PDO's.. i am using the for each loop to go thru a list of broken parts and then count how many of each part i need to order but using the code i put bellow its not working and im recving this error

"Fatal error: Call to a member function rowCount() on a non-object in W:\xampp\htdocs\ICT_Devices\damage_log\damage_parts_find.php on line 15"

Any help would be awesome my php is located just bellow here and i know that the pdo connect file and also the for each loop work but with the row count side im having issues

require '../lib/connect/PDO_connect.php';

foreach($db->query("SELECT * FROM `damage_list`") as $damage_part) {
$stmt = $db->query('SELECT * FROM damage_log where damage=$parts');

$row_count = $stmt->rowCount();
echo $parts. "=".$row_count;
echo "<br>";


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You should be preparing a parameterised query before the loop and binding $parts within the loop then executing the query. Also, if you're only after a rowcount, use SELECT COUNT(1) instead. It will perform better and be more compatible across database engines –  Phil Nov 28 '12 at 3:25

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Because when using single quote, variables will not be expanded.

So your query practically looks like:

SELECT * FROM damage_log where damage=$parts

Thus an error occurs, and $stmt is FALSE.

Use double quote may fix your problem.

Also, since you're not quoting $parts in your SQL statement, make sure $parts is always a number or any other types that do not need quoting.

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thanks alot i should have noticed that thanks alot :) –  Matthew Nov 28 '12 at 3:19

The error message is telling you $stmt is not an object.

This is likely because your query is bad ... the $parts is not interpreted inside single quotes, and is thus in the query literally.

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