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I use godaddy and my goal is to generate the sitemap for 1,000,000 html pages (mostly SEO)

Only 8 sitemap pages with 30k records each (out of ~35) are being generated; no errors shown

What I did in this script below:

  1. counted how many sitemap pages I need with 30,000 per page (total around 35 pages)
  2. looped over each page and got 30,000 records offset of records
  3. looped over 30,000 records and created xml page, gzipped it and saved to file
  4. generated master index-XML file that refers to all 35 pages

I tried to make it efficient, therefore I ASSUME there is a problem with the memory, since there are no errors

I have been thinking about using gc_enable(); but it does not work there. In addition, I have tried many things to make it more efficient; but no luck. Any advise?

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the godaddy server is too slow. It stops working of script after some seconds/minutes. I have also tried to run my mysql data update statements but it stops. I think you have to contact this issue with godaddy support. –  Yogesh Suthar Nov 28 '12 at 4:18

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A lot of these shared hosting sites will kill off your process after a number of seconds (sometimes as little as 30), so theres not much you can do to avoid your script bombing out.

The solution is to rewrite your code a bit so it only generates one page at a time, then reloads itself to continue onto the next page. To continue on after the reload either examine what has been done already and see where you are up to, or just pass across a page variable to keep track of where it should start from.

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Try setting the execution time limit to zero with set_time_limit(0);.

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Just tried; did not work. Same amount of pages are being generated. –  Andrew Nov 28 '12 at 4:33

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