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I have an ArrayList of firms with firmId, firmName,address,phoneNumber,status fields. I want to dynamically assign firmId to each row.

<s:iterator value="firms">

    <td align="left" class="Edit">
        <img src="../images/btn-edit.png" title="Edit" width="27" height="25" alt='Edit' />
    <td align="left"><s:property value="firmName" /></td>
    <td align="left"><s:property value="address" /></td>
    <td align="left"><s:property value="phoneNumber" /></td>
    <td align="left"><s:property value="status" /></td>



How can I achieve this?

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The same way you access any other property:

<s:iterator value="firms">
  <tr id="firm-<s:property value='firmId'/>">

Note that a numeric id is not a valid id, you should prepend a string constant as shown.

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