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By default flask uses template files stored in "template" directory :


Is there any way to dynamically choose template directory according to user logged in? This is how I want the directory structure to be :

    /templates (default template goes here)

Now if I have the username of logged in user and the name of template activated by user, is it possible to dynamically select the directory to load template files? For example,

/userdata/<username>/<activated template name>/

instead of fixed


What I am trying to achieve is a wordpress like theme system for my web application where users can upload/select themes for his website.

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There is also the possibility to overwrite Jinja loader and set the paths where Jinja will look for the templates. Like:

my_loader = jinja2.ChoiceLoader([
        jinja2.FileSystemLoader(['/flaskapp/userdata', \
app.jinja_loader = my_loader

Directories go in the order where Jinja need to start to look for it. Then from the view you can render user specific template like this:

render_template('%s/template1/hello.html' % username)

where username you can dinamically change in the view. Of course you can also there choose which template (1 or 2) to render. But basically what you really miss is this custom Jinja loader with the custom paths.

Hope that helped or gave the ideas :)

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You don't have to escape newlines in Python inside lists or dicts declarations. – fiatjaf Oct 20 '13 at 21:23
In case anyone is having problems: this doesn't work in Heroku. You have to pass the path without the first / (like 'flaskapp/userdata'). – fiatjaf Oct 20 '13 at 22:21

You can pass the Flask constructor a "template_folder" argument.

Like so...

Flask(__name__, template_folder="wherever")

Here's the documentation:

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And also if you are going to use blueprints, they also can have custom template dir too. – Ignas Butėnas Nov 28 '12 at 6:16

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