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Hai, We are presently working on C# windows Application using Janus Controls. In that we have a search functionality like, if you search any word in search box, all the documents(it's my be Notepad,Ms-word,PDF) which contains that searched word should be displayed in the application.

when we Double click on the any document it should open a new window like popup and show preview like what word you have searched and the searched word should be highlighted with some color as like in our Microsoft Word Document.

we can open the particular document using word or Pdf and highlight the text. But we need to open it in one window and show all the matched searched text in highlighted. Please provide the possible Solution or link to work with or any tools to work with this scenario.

Thank you.

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For including the documents from the system , you need to first include that document in the project either in the program or you can do it while creating the project . Then you need to open the file and read with the help of StreamReader and search for the particular word .

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here searching is not a problem when i open the document using the Microsoft word. but here i want to load the that word content in another Windows form control and have to highlight the searched text. – V G S Naidu Nov 29 '12 at 11:35

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