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I am working on a project where I am using Twitter Bootstrap Framework. I am also using the jQuery UI library. The problem is that in these two libraries there are a few functions with the same name, eg tooltip. Now when I apply this function to any element, the function with the last declaration is being applied.

For example if I include the jQuery UI library after the Bootstrap library, and use


The tooltip() function in jQuery UI is called. I know I can achieve the desired result by removing the given function from one of the library or by rearranging the position of libraries. But I wanted to know whether there is any way to specify which library's function is to be called when there are two libraries sharing the same function name.

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No there is no way to use both functions at the same time. Both functions are added into $() Object through prototype. So maybe you should rename one of this, or use only one.

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You can rename one plugin after it is loaded, and before you load the next one. Something like $.fn.jqueryui_tooltip = $.fn.tooltip; and only then load Twitter's library.

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I would like to use it, but unfortunately it is not working. Can you please explain a bit more? – kalpesh patel Nov 28 '12 at 6:14

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