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I am deploying an ear application in weblogic 10.3 in exploded format with fast swap enabled and in dev mode. The ear file contains a web app also in exploded format. The changes made to the jsps in the web app are getting reloaded. But the classes under web-inf when changed are not reloaded.

The weblogic deployment configuration is given below. weblogic-application.xml content in ear/META-INF


application.xml content in ear/META-INF


weblogic.xml content in war/WEB-INF



Is the configuration done above right? Are there any config details I have missed to include here? What other settings or configurations should I check? Any help would be very much appreciated thanks.

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Even if you enable FastSwap in your application, the modules that are declared in the classloader-structure will not support FastSwap because they aren't loaded by the RedefiningClassLoader, but rather by the GenericClassLoader. You can test this by printing the classloader of your classes under WEB-INF/classes and check if it's the com.bea.wls.redef.RedefiningClassLoader or not.

I struggled to make them work together, you can see more details here but, unfortunately, no solution so far.


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