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I'm trying to build prerequisites for gcc-4.7.2.

Both ppl-0.11 and gmp-4.3.2 are the recommended versions in <gcc_src>/gcc-4.7.2/gcc/doc/HTML/prerequisites.html

I have built and installed gmp-4.3.2 (with --enable-cxx set)

Attempting to configure ppl-0.11 fails.

configure: error: Cannot find GMP version 4.1.3 or higher.
GMP is the GNU Multi-Precision library:
see for more information.
When compiling the GMP library, do not forget to enable the C++ interface:
add --enable-cxx to the configuration options.

This is my configure line:

./configure \
    --prefix=$PREFIX \
    --with-gmp=$PREFIX \
    --with-gmp-prefix=$PREFIX \

If I look in the directory where I specified with-gmp, here is the installed gmp:

$ grep MP_VERSION $PREFIX/include/gmp*

    $PREFIX/include/gmp.h:#define __GNU_MP_VERSION 4
    $PREFIX/include/gmp.h:#define __GNU_MP_VERSION_MINOR 3
    $PREFIX/include/gmp.h:#define __GNU_MP_VERSION_PATCHLEVEL 2


$ l $PREFIX/include/gmp*



$ l /$PREFIX/lib/libgmp*

    $PREFIX/lib/ ->
    $PREFIX/lib/ ->
    $PREFIX/lib/ ->
    $PREFIX/lib/ ->

Am I missing something?

As far as I can tell, GMP is available and of the requisite version

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ask on – Basile Starynkevitch Nov 28 '12 at 7:56
The symlinks are suggesting a 3.5.2 version of GMP, not a 4.3.2 one – Basile Starynkevitch Nov 28 '12 at 8:13
I just did rm -rf $PREFIX; downloaded, built and installed; and $ find . -type f | xargs grep '3.5.2' gave this: ./' – Steve Lorimer Nov 28 '12 at 22:38

Depending on what distro you are running, have you tried to install the gmp-devel package (i.e. yum install gmp-devel on Fedora/RedHat etc)?

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No, can't install devel packaged (don't have root) and have to build from source – Steve Lorimer Nov 28 '12 at 6:51

So I also faced the same issue and what I did was:

1) Went inside gmp-4.3.2 folder
2) make distclean
3) ./configure --prefix=/home/sen/Documents/mingw/downloads/gmp_build --enable-cxx
4) make && make install
5) Went inside ppl-0.11 folder
6) ./configure --prefix=/home/sen/Documents/mingw/downloads/ppl_build --with-gmp-prefix=/home/sen/Documents/mingw/downloads/gmp_build --enable-cxx
7) make & make install

Took some 10-20 mins to compile and things were fine.


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PPL will by default try to use default locations for GMP. If you use crosstool-ng, you must do either a cross-native or canadian-cross build. If you are doing this manually, specify CXXFLAGS to PPL's ./configure, with a -I<path-to-gmp-header> and a -Wl,-L<path-to-gmp-libs>. This allows the PPL ./configure to find the correct version of GMP.

Apparently a PPL configure with,

--prefix=$PREFIX \
--with-gmp=$PREFIX \
--with-gmp-prefix=$PREFIX \

Is not enough. I sleuthed through the ./configure script and was hacking up crosstool-ng before I realized that I was no longer building a cross-compiler, but a canadian-cross when I wasn't using my distro gcc, but another host compiler with a lower glibc shared library. This is useful if you want your compiler to run on a larger class of machines. It is unlikely that the glibc version of the build compiler will effect much.

I still had to patch in crosstool-ng,

do_ppl_for_build() {
+   ppl_cxxflags+=" -I${CT_BUILDTOOLS_PREFIX_DIR}/include "
+   ppl_cxxflags+=" -Wl,-L${CT_BUILDTOOLS_PREFIX_DIR}/lib "
    if [ "${CT_PPL_NEEDS_FPERMISSIVE}" = "y" ]; then
        ppl_cxxflags+=" -fpermissive"
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