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I have a Huge mysql dump I need to import, I managed to split the 3gig file by table insert, one of the table inserts is 600MBs, I want to split it into 100 MB files. So my question is: is there a script or easy way to split a 600MB INSERT statement into multiple 100MB inserts without having to open the file (as this kills my pc).

I tried SQLDumpSplitter but this does not help.

here is the reason I cannot just run the 600MB file:

MYSQL import response 'killed'

Please help

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You can easily open a file of 1GB on Textpad software. User this software to open the file and split your queries as what you want.

Link for downloading TextPad software TextPad

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This is the solution I used –  David Dec 3 '12 at 12:27

On Linux, easiest way to split files is split -l N - split to pieces N lines each.

On Windows, I've had pretty good luck with HxD - it works well with huge files.

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