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I am using the Gdata API to log in to Youtube in Desktop mode in Win8.

Now I have a question about logging in to Youtube using VS2012 with C# in Metro mode in Win8.

Could anyone provide a hint, or tell me how to do this?

I don't have any idea about how to log in to Youtube in Metro mode in Win8.

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I haven't done this myself but Leon Cullen has an article on how to authenticate using OAuth on WinRT, Using OAuth 2 in WinRT using C#

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Unfortunately the GData API isn't presently compatible with Windows 8 Metro apps. If you have sufficient time, however, you could get a copy of their source code here and extract from it what you need to get your WinRT app running.

Edit: Here's a sample project demonstrating how to connect to an OAuth client: Web Authentication Broker Sample

If you'd prefer to use a separate API to handle this for you, there are a few in various stages of development:


Metro OAuth Utils

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