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I'm trying to implement state images on my treeview; I'd like to have my own images on the buttons instead of the default + and -.

I've got an image showing, but it doesn't change when I expand the node - apparently I need to explicitly update the state image when the treeview's state changes.

Which message do I capture (in the main window procedure) to make this happen? TVM_EXPAND doesn't seem to work, and various discussions online recommend strange things like hit testing a mouse click or something weird like that.

Alternatively, if there's a whizbang tutorial or something on this, please post it - I'm working off pure MSDN (ugh) and this for the most part...

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Also, what means "PURE" MSDN? = WINAPI? – neagoegab Nov 28 '12 at 7:39
I mean, I'm working from the original MSDN documentation alone, not from a tutorial or user comments or something. – Ben Nov 28 '12 at 7:53
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Via a WM_NOTIFY message, you'll get TVN_ITEMEXPANDING when an expand button is clicked and TVN_ITEMEXPANDED when the item actually expands/collapses.

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