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I am trying to pass the values of a Javascript array to a PHP URL through Ajax. Here is script array


Where globalArray is my Javascript array. When I alert this, I get


I know about string replace but I don't know how to use it on an array. I need an output like


Can someone help me?

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which string do you want to use as array? post some codes what you've tried – polin Nov 28 '12 at 7:26
Is this post all one sentence? Wowzzz. – Ben Nov 28 '12 at 7:26

I'd recommend encoding your array to JSON:

     var url = "Talent_Percentile.php?" + JSON.stringify(globalArray);

On the server side, use json_decode to decode the data.

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var mystring = globalArray.join("&");
var url = "Talent_Percentile.php?" + mystring;
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Generally, to apply a function to all elements of an array you should use map:

globalArray = {
    return v.replace("old", "new");
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