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I am new to plugin development and I am writing/ extending a Eclipse plugin. I have initially text file which contains the reults of a code review with the following data.

**line_from=70=**     **line_to=80=**     **date=2012/11/20 10:32:54=**     **reviewer=ccc=**     **responsible=xx=**    **revision_nr=1.40=**     **offset=1458=**     **length=344=**  

Based on some condition, I say that line number 70 to 80 is same as 100 to 110. Now I want to add a Marker and highlight the lines from 100-110, but I dont have the offset for this location. Can somebody tell me how to get the offset from the line numbers.


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I think it's too late to answer you, but maybe I can help anyone else with the same problem.

To solve this, you can use the IDocument Interface.

IDocument document = (IDocument) MyPlugin.getEditor().getDocumentProvider().getDocument(MyPlugin.getEditor().getEditorInput());

So the document will load the file that was opened in the editor. You just need to use the getLineOffset() method, that returns the offset of the line.

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