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I need to build an web page that has parallax scrolling effect just like this one,

Air Jordan 2012

I've searched for documents and plugins to build one like above but still haven't figured out how and am lost in panic now...:(

Does anyone know any plugins or references that I can refer to?

Thanks in advance for your help here

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There is a plugin named Jarallax, you can check it out here

There are a few examples on there website.

Basicly what the plugin does it lets you add specific css for a scroll position.

lets say have margin-top: 0; at 0% and margin top 10; at 100%

it calculates what margin top to add at current scroll position.

Cool plugin to create parallax scrolling to multiple elements.

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thanks! i'll look into it! –  Chung Yujin Dec 6 '12 at 1:48

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