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I am currently using the enterprise version of EhCache for implementing caching in our application. As explained here, I am creating two different cache instances programmatically by using the following constructor in my EhCache class which I use to manage EhCache creation :

public class EhCache implements ICacheAccess {    

    private String name;
    private Cache ehCache;
    private CacheAttributes attrs;

    public EhCache(final String name, final CacheAttributes attrs) {
       = name;
                this.attrs = attrs;

                Configuration configuration = new Configuration();

                TerracottaClientConfiguration terracottaConfig 
                    = new TerracottaClientConfiguration();


                final CacheConfiguration cfg = new CacheConfiguration(name, attrs.cacheSize)          
                    .eternal(attrs.eternal).terracotta(new TerracottaConfiguration())


                CacheConfiguration defaultCache = new CacheConfiguration("default",

                CacheManager mgr = CacheManager.create(configuration);        
                ehCache = mgr.getCache(name);        
                LOGGER.log("ehcache is "+ehCache);           

I then use the following method to create two instances of my EhCache class :

public void testCreateCache(String name) {
        CacheAttributes attrs = new CacheAttributes();        
                attrs.timeToIdleSeconds = 0;
                attrs.timeToLiveSeconds = 0;

        Cache cache = new EhCache(name, attrs);

I call the above method twice in my main method :


cache 1 is created successfully but cache2 is null.

If I interchange the order in which I create the caches :


cache 2 is created successfully but cache1 is null.

I am unable to understand why this happens. The first cache is created successfully but the second cache is always null.

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I think your problem is that you call CacheManager.create() twice since CacheManager is a Singleton. Try to call it once after you have added both the caches to the Configuration object.

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