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I have a Table which contains duplicate information in one column. I want to display the data which is unique along with the rownum. my table has fields table1(tno,tname), in which tname consisting of duplicate values. So I just want to display the 'tname' values which are unique.Will anybody help me getting this.

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for row number, you can use a custom function foudn below datamakessense.com/mysql-rownum-row-number-function –  AdrianBR Oct 20 '14 at 16:11

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Try this:

SET @auto:=0;
SELECT @auto:=@auto+1 rownum, tname 
FROM table1 GROUP BY tname
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It is displaying the same rownum..! any way thanks I got the logic. –  Chella Nov 28 '12 at 8:51
check my answer –  Saharsh Shah Nov 28 '12 at 9:02
If you find my answer gives you way to get coeect answer than accept the answer and upvote it –  Saharsh Shah Nov 28 '12 at 9:05
nope...Not getting –  Chella Nov 28 '12 at 9:06

Try this :

Select tname, tno
from table1
group by tname having count(*)=1
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I asked you to display rownumber not tno –  Chella Nov 28 '12 at 8:52

Thanks for your contributions all... I got the answer. If you get the better answer than this just share..

select @rownum:=@rownum+1 sno, a.tname FROM (SELECT DISTINCT tname from Table1) a, (SELECT @rownum:=0) r  limit 60
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Use UUID()

select UUID() as uniqueID FROM table1

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