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I'm using Magento ver. with Matrix Tables to calculate the shipping cost. I set my CSV file to different cost for weight amount and destination. My CSV il like this:

Paese   Regione/Stato   Città  Zip/Postal Code From    Zip/Postal Code To  Peso From   Peso To Prezzo spedizione   Delivery Type
    ITA *   *   *   *   0   2.99    1   Corriere Espresso
    ITA *   *   *   *   3   9.99    2   Corriere Espresso
    ITA *   *   *   *   10  19.99   3   Corriere Espresso
    ITA *   *   *   *   20  29.99   4   Corriere Espresso
    ITA *   *   *   *   30  49.99   5   Corriere Espresso

Plus the cost for different destination. Now I want to calculate the cost for shipping over 50kg in this way:

 LastPrice + [ fees * (weight - 50kg)] 

I think that I have to edit the shipping module in Magento, but I'm pretty new to this e-commerce.

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