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Is there a Visual Basic (or even .NET or C++) equivalent to or implementation of GW-BASIC and QBasic's DRAW statement?

I have a very old program that outputs drawings as strings in the DRAW statement's format, and would like to render them in a Windows application I am developing in Visual Basic.

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You could check out VBTutor - Lesson 18: Graphics

In particular, you may need to use the Line method:

Line (0, 0)-(1000, 2000), VbRed 
' Draws a red line from 0,0 to 1000,2000

or the Circle method:

Circle (400, 400), 500, VbRed 
' draws red circle centered at (400, 400) with a radius of 500 twips
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I was hoping more for a function that I can use as a drop in replacement for DRAW? The QuickBasic program reads a text file and sends the contents of the text file directly to the DRAW statement. – Peter Nov 28 '12 at 22:07
No such thing, AFAIK. – C-Pound Guru Nov 28 '12 at 22:54

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