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I need to copy the entire directory to another URL.

   svn copy

It's working properly (i.e. entire /Test directory copied to /Test7 successfully at first time).

If I modify some of the files in /Test directory and again copy /Test to /Test7 directory, it will copy the /Test directory under the /Test7 directory like /Test7/Test. If i again try to copy the /Test Directory to /Test7 directory, it shows an error:

svn: E160020: Path 'Test' already exists

But I want to commit the modified files only to the /Test7 directory when I copy at second time. How can I do this?

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I'm afraid you have to delete 'Test7' and only then copy (this will require 2 revisions creation). Alternatively you could do that via working copy (delete Test7, copy Test). Or, if there're no changes in Test7, you can merge Test into Test7 (will require working copy too). –  Dmitry Pavlenko Nov 28 '12 at 10:40

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How can i do this ?

Read docs!!!

If you modify files in WC, related to Test and want to mirror changes into Test7 - you have to use

  • correct workflow
  • correct commands

You can:

  • switch WC to Test7 path and commit
  • switch WC to Test7, update, merge Test into WC, commit
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Here is the my understanding: switch WC to Test7(switch the working copy of Test to url of Test7) & Commit, Switch WC(working copy of Test7 to url of Test, update Test7 ,Merge Test7 into working copy of Test & commit............... Is this is correct ? –  user1553605 Dec 4 '12 at 8:16

You need to delete the old directory first, then copy again.

And - read the documentation, it's really very helpful. svn helpis good as well.

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