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The code for pinning any image on a page is as below:

<a data-pin-config="above" data-pin-do="buttonBookmark" href="//"><img src="//" /></a><script src="//"></script>


The option for data-pin-config is available, implying that a pin count should show. Upon testing this I am unable to see a pin count even though I have copied and pasted the code exactly. The pin works correctly and the page/image is pinned correctly to a board.

If Pinterestrelies on the image URL for the pin then I can understand why the pin count would not be showing, as any image on that page could have been the pinned image.

Basically, I am wondering whether the "Any Image On Page" pin option should show a pin count?

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I have the same issue, pinterest support says rtfm and this – here Mar 15 '13 at 7:49
Sometimes it takes a while for Pin count to be updated. – Muskie May 9 '14 at 16:39

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The Any Image On Page button is not intended to show a pin count, so the widget builder should not have shown data-pin-config for the Any Image On Page version. My fault, sorry, fixed!

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