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I am currently having the following problem: I am developping an android application which shares content via the Facebook API (API 3.x beta). However, after I successfully log in, I cannot get any information from the profile, nor post information to the profile even though my permissions are configured correctly. I continuesly get the following exception in my logcat:

 D/com.facebook.RequestAsyncTask(25792): onPostExecute: exception encountered during request: 

However, I do not get the actual exception. My question therefore is: how can I get the actual exception to be reported?

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Sigh.. I found the problem: in com.facebook.ReqeustAsyncTask , change line 152 into:

 Log.d(TAG, "onPostExecute: exception encountered during request: ".concat(exception.getMessage()));

and then you will get the actual exception reported... Alteratively you can also add %s to the String.format call as Ming Li points out.

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yup, that looks like a bug. You should also be able to just add %s in the String.format call rather than changing the whole line. – Ming Li Nov 28 '12 at 18:35
@MingLi yes indeed. – Jeroen Nov 29 '12 at 8:31

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