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How can I print a list of all the files in a given directory using Fortran, limiting only to specific file types... For instance I only want to get the list of '.txt' files from a directory.

Files in directory:

  • file1.txt
  • another.dat
  • test.mp3
  • file2.txt
  • file3.txt

something like

WHILE (not_last_file AND filetype = '.txt' )




I would really appreciate your help,


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i dont know why the down vote, its not a bad question just because it doesn't have a good standards compliant answer. If you literally just want to print the list call system("ls *.txt"), where system is a common extension and obviously the call will depend on your os. –  agentp Nov 28 '12 at 13:16

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In a few words, you can't. There's no intrinsic library for such operations in Fortran that helps you. How you approach this problem will also depend on the version of Fortran you are running (F77, F90, F95 etc.) which you do not state.

"On a POSIX system using recent Fortran compiler, you can use ISO_C_BINDING to create interfaces to the POSIX opendir() and readdir() functions (or readdir_r() if you need thread safety), which allow you to iterate over the directory entries."

See this post Listing the contents of a directory or you could also look at this overview from the gfortran documentation useful. There is lots of information on performing this operation avalible with a simple Google.

I hope this helps.

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