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It seems that using <deployment retail="true" /> is an accepted best practice for ASP.NET applications, but it does not seem to be enabled by default on Windows Azure. Is it possible to enable by default on Web Roles and/or Web Sites?

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I think you would do this with a startup task. See @smarx's answer here: Modifying machine.config on Azure compute instances

A batch file running appcmd is probably the easiest way to do it for IIS settings.

Some resources:

MSDN: How to Define Startup Tasks for a Role

Azure: How to execute startup tasks for each site entry at webrole?

Utilizing the Power of Startup Tasks in Your Windows Azure Web Role

And, specific to managing machine.config from a startup task:


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Very helpful, thanks! –  Mack Male Nov 28 '12 at 12:15

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