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I have a master excel sheet,abc.xls and I need it to refer to columns found in 2 other csx files:def.csv and ghj.csv.I tried using the VLOOKUP function:


where F2 is a column in abc.xls and R2C15:R439C15 are the rows referred in def.csv and R2C9:R1248C9 are the rows referred in ghi.csv. However, when I tried this formula in the master copy(abc.xls),it returns a #VALUE! error. As I am not too sure on how to refer to multiple external csv files, could anybody guide me on how to modify this formula?

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Remove the +. .csv is irrelevant. If you want to check whether a value is present in two different places you could use two LOOKUPs or combine the two reference lists into one.

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