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Is it possible to override the firstday of Joda week to sunday ? since Joda uses Monday as its firstday of the week . Can any one please explain me if there is a way .

I referred the below Topic in SOF

Joda Time: First day of week?


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First of all, overriding the first day of the week to sunday would require overwriting all other weekdays as well. But these final constants are defined in the class DateTimeConstants, which are impossible to overwrite. But you wouldn't want to override theses values anyways because it would mess up joda-time's ISO-compliance.

At the same time I wonder why you would want to override it in the first place? Can you provide a use case?

public static DateTime getUSFirstDayOfWeek(DateTime dateTime) {
    return dateTime.withDayOfWeek(DateTimeConstants.MONDAY).minusDays(1);

This simple helper method would probably do the job. Notice that I didn't use SUNDAYbecause it would be in the future, which is - in US notion - the next week already.

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Use case: what's the week number of 2006-12-31 -- 1 or 52? More generic use case: draw a chart with two series: 1: our weekly revenue for current year, 2: weekly revenue for last year, to compare the data. For US users weeks must start on Sunday. It's pretty common in many industries. – Dzmitry Lazerka Feb 8 '14 at 23:30
"... because it would mess up joda-time's ISO-compliance." But it supports custom minDaysInFirstWeek, doesn't it "mess up ISO-compliance"? – Dzmitry Lazerka Feb 8 '14 at 23:35
There is ReadableDateTime#getWeekOfWeekyear(), but this might be wrong for you since it uses monday as first day. I think you won't get around implementing a 'correct' substitute for that method for your application. About the ISO-compliance messup: shure, JodaTime supports loads of custom stuff to mess it all up--take for example complete different chronologies--but I would try to avoid that as far as possible since it may produce corrupt results when combined with other points of your joda time usage. – benjamin Feb 26 '14 at 12:21

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