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I have a string 'This is the monday morning madness', how do i add a wild card to the regular expression at the beginning of a string to match any string that doesn't have 'monday morning'.

My regular expression example: ^(?!monday morning|Monday Morning).*

The regular expression works fine when the string is 'monday morning madness', but doesn't work on 'This is the monday morning madness'.

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Just drop the initial ^. That character means that the regular expression must match the beginning of the string; apparently you don't want that.

Alternatively, add .* at the beginning, as it's already there in the end, to include any character and any number thereof in the matched pattern.

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The suggestion doesn't work, it returns the whole string which is incorrect. The regex is not suppose to return anything from the example because monday morning is part of the string. – John W. Mnisi Nov 28 '12 at 10:15

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