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I want to know the method of keeping my accelerometer awake with screen off.
In the developer documentation(SmartWatch_WP_1.pdf in Smart Extension SDK), I read that

  • the sensor is stopped when the control is paused
  • the control is not paused by using ControlExtention#setScreenState(Control.Intents.SCREEN_STATE_OFF).
  • the control is paused by the user operation or time elapses.

So I tried to use ControlExtention#setScreenState(Control.Intents.SCREEN_STATE_OFF).
After one minute, the control was paused and the accelerometer was stopped.
But it was not paused when the power cable connected.
Of course I want to keeping the accelerometer awake when power cable not connected.

I also tried the wakelock(PowerManager.FULL_WAKE_LOCK) and Service#startForeground, but i didn't get well.

Are there ways to resolve this problem?

My Configuration is

  • Device
    • Sony Smartwatch MN2
  • Smartwatch Version
    • 0.1.A.3.7
  • Host Application Version
    • 1.2.37


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We are looking into this - I will get back to this thread if and when I know more.


An update of the SmartWatch application was published on Google Play on March 14th (2013). This update includes a fix for the above Sensor problem.

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