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How can I filter SqlAlchemy column by number of resulting Characters,

Here is a kind of implementation I am looking at,

query = query.filter(Take_Last_7_Characters(column_1) == '0321334')

Where "Take_Last_7_Characters" fetches the last 7 characters from the resulting value of column_1

So How can I implement Take_Last_7_Characters(column_1) ??

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use sqlalchemy.sql.expression.func , to generate SQL functions.

check for more info

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Got it , query = query.filter(func.substr(QueryLine.column_1, 1, 7) == '0321334') But now , the value '0321334' varies , it can be different with different length Something like , '00000001234567','00000000123123','4321' With the above values How can I make sure I select the last 7 characters only ? – maruthi reddy Nov 28 '12 at 11:42
try it in sql first, then can convert to SqlAlchemy. – tuxuday Nov 28 '12 at 11:56

Please use the func to generate SQL functions as directed by @tuxuday.
Note that the code is RDBMS-dependant. The code below runs for SQLite, which offers SUBSTR and LENGTH functions. Your actual database might have different names for those (LEN, SUSBSTRING, LEFT, RIGHT, etc).

qry = session.query(Test)
qry = qry.filter(func.SUBST(Test.column_1, func.LENGTH(Test.column_1) - 6, 7) == '0321334')
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