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I'm working with a Visual WebPart and I want to upload a image from my FileUpload control to a SharePoint list. This is the code I'm using but I can't get it to work, (Title, prodnum, color, etc is working, but not image). I've also installed SparQube.

This is my ListView: Image.

protected void Button_Save_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    SPSite currentSite = SPContext.Current.Site;
    SPList myList = currentSite.RootWeb.Lists.TryGetList("SharePointDatabase");

        if (myList != null && FileUpload_Pic.PostedFile != null && FileUpload_Pic.HasFile)
            SPListItem listItem = myList.Items.Add();

            listItem["Title"] = TextBox_Name.Text;
            listItem["ProductNumber"] = TextBox_ProdNum.Text;
            listItem["Color"] = TextBox_Color.Text;
            listItem["ListPrice"] = TextBox_ListPrice.Text;
            listItem["MoreInformation"] = TextBox_MoreInfo.Text;

            string fileName = Path.GetFileName(FileUpload_Pic.PostedFile.FileName);
            listItem["Image"] = fileName;


            TextBox_Search.Text = string.Empty;
            TextBox_Name.Text = string.Empty;
            TextBox_MoreInfo.Text = string.Empty;
            TextBox_ProdNum.Text = string.Empty;
            TextBox_Color.Text = string.Empty;
            TextBox_ListPrice.Text = string.Empty;

            Label_Exception.Text = "Saved to Database list.";

    catch (Exception x)
        Label_Exception.Text = x.Message;

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any exception u may able to wite –  Saghir A. Khatri Nov 28 '12 at 10:43

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You can add file as stream directly from File Upload to specific web using following method and then add the file path to the list as shown in below example,

SPContext.Current.Web.Files.Add(String.Concat(SPContext.Current.Web.Site.RootWeb.Url, path), stream, true);

path is relative path for the image. in user case file name. stream can get using FileUpload.FileContent in file upload control

Then add this path to the list as below.

listItem["Image"] = path;

This is work for all the browsers.

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Are you sure the SPList has Atachment Upload enabled?

I had made the expierience that the normal ribbon button isn't greyed out although the list is not able to hold itemattachments.

SPList list = new SPList(); // Sample
list.EnableAttachments = false; //set
bool attachmentsAllowed = list.EnableAttachments; //get

What Type of field is "Image"? It's not the attachments folder...

An other way to save your Image is to upload it to a library and use a "Hyperlink" field.

Use this as help: http://www.sharepoint-tips.com/2007/10/code-practices-gettingsetting-values.html

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Check out this question: http://sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/49481/exception-when-adding-attachment/49485

There are some problems, when you are using FileUpload control in standard edit/add pages.

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