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The Objective:

Set a different path by default on my Telerik Upload component.

The Problem:

The path should be like "\\Server\Folder" and the porperty ScriptFilePath requires a path starting with ~/. I was looking telerik tutorials but ther's no help about that.

The Code: View C# MVC3


                               .Async(async => async
                                                   .Save(Actions.FileLoader_GetFile, Controllers.FileLoader)
                                                   .Remove(Actions.FileLoader_Remove, Controllers.FileLoader)

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According with Teklerik, it is not posible.

Is not possible to set a "default' directory for the <input type='file' /> html element, this is restriction by the browsers and there is no way to workaround it.

I suppose that this restriction makes sense since there is no guarantee that the folder set as default for the upload will exist on the given client.

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