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I'm using pywin32 to read and write to an Excel workbook with multiple sheets. I would like to access cell values by their defined names. I could use


however, I don't always know what sheet the name is defined on. Right now, I work around that by using a range(sheet0, sheetx) to try every sheet. There is another function I thought I could use, that is a workbook method


but rather than returning the value that is stored in the cell "myCellName" it returns the sheet and cell reference of the cell, say


Is there a more elegant way to directly access the value of a defined name - cell without knowing what sheet it is on?

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You can get the value with


And fwiw you can get the name sheet with


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great, I got the result I wanted using: MyWorkbook.Names("myCellName").RefersToRange.Value –  amelie Nov 30 '12 at 10:05

brettdj's method works well if the Defined Name contains a range reference, but can fail if the Defined Name contains a formula. A more general method is to use Evaluate
(assuming you can do these from pywin32)

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Quite true. Although the question did specify the names were used to hold cell values. Error handling (if possible in pywin32 may be more appropriate to determine if the the names are in fact referring to cells. –  brettdj Nov 29 '12 at 10:58

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