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Can some one tell me if I how I can use Url.Content when my URL contains an embedded code nugget like below?

<a class='highslide' id="baseThumb" href="../../Helpers/ImageHandler.ashx?imageid=<%= Model.ImageIDs[0] %>&thumbnail=0">
<img runat="server" src="../../Helpers/ImageHandler.ashx?imageid=<%= Model.ImageIDs[0] %>&thumbnail=1" alt=""/>

My image above only gets display on my local development environment, never when I deploy to a server. The ImageHandler is not found due to the URL being incorrect.


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Try this:

    var url = Url.Content("~/PATH/Helpers/ImageHandler.ashx?imageid="  + Model.ImageIDs[0]);

<a class='highslide' id="baseThumb" href="<%=url%>&thumbnail=0">
<img runat="server" src="<%=url%>&thumbnail=1" alt=""/>

The ~/ in Url.Content will point to the root, so from there you will have to set the correct path to the ashx file.

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This works perfectly - thanks. –  Jimmy C Nov 28 '12 at 11:07

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