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I have something like:

value = nil

if some_condition
  value =my_object.do_stuff()

And in my test, I have the follwing:


However, I'd like to just test that the method was called, and have it execute the original code. I'd like to NOT have to do it like:


Is there a way of doing that?

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There is and_call_original method:



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I believe, that it's better to create object by FactoryGirl and than to test it. You can read how to make factories and so on. Example:

FactoryGirl.define do
  factory :my_object do
   [*here is your attributes*]

So, after you created a factory, you should to create test where this method used and write this:

my_object = FactoryGirl.create(:my_object)

Inside your code you will do that "do_stuff" with your "my_object" when u will run test.

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