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I want to match my string to one sequence or another, and it has to match at least one of them.

For and I learned it can be done with:


Is there something like this for OR?

I am using Java, Matcher and Pattern classes.

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check out this post stackoverflow.com/questions/2031805/… – Murali Prasanth Nov 28 '12 at 10:33
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Generally speaking about regexes, you definitely should begin your journey into Regex wonderland here: Regex tutorial

What you currently need is the | (pipe character)

To match the strings one OR other, use:


or if you don't want to store the matches, just simply


To be Java specific, this article is very good at explaining the subject

You will have to use your patterns this way:

//Pattern and Matcher
Pattern compiledPattern = Pattern.compile(myPatternString);
Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(myStringToMatch);
boolean isNextMatch = matcher.find(); //find next match, it exists, 
if(isNextMatch) {
    String matchedString = myStrin.substring(matcher.start(),matcher.end());

Please note, there are much more possibilities regarding Matcher then what I displayed here...

//String functions
boolean didItMatch = myString.matches(myPatternString); //same as Pattern.matches();
String allReplacedString = myString.replaceAll(myPatternString, replacement)
String firstReplacedString = myString.replaceFirst(myPatternString, replacement)
String[] splitParts = myString.split(myPatternString, howManyPartsAtMost);

Also, I'd highly recommend using online regex checkers such as Regexplanet (Java) or refiddle (this doesn't have Java specific checker), they make your life a lot easier!

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Neither of your links link to Java-specific info. In particular refiddle doesn't provide Java info at all – Brian Agnew Nov 28 '12 at 10:41
@Brian thanks, I realized this too, working on it – ppeterka Nov 28 '12 at 10:42

The "or" operator is spelled |, for example one|other.

All the operators are listed in the documentation.

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You can separate with a pipe thus:


See here for a couple of simple examples.

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Use the | character for OR

Pattern pat = Pattern.compile("exp1|exp2");
Matcher mat = pat.matcher("Input_data");
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The answers are already given, use the pipe '|' operator. In addition to that, it might be useful to test your regexp in a regexp tester without having to run your application, for example:


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