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I want to simply bind the textContent of an html element to a data string. What I do to achieve this is:

<span id="currentDate" data-win-bind="textContent:Data.currentDateString"></span>

The code defines a namespace Data with

WinJS.Namespace.define("Data", {
    currentDateString: currentDateString,

where currentDateString is defined as:

var currentDateString = "Monday";

In the ready function of the page I call WinJS.Binding.processAll();. This sets the content of the HTML to the string. But the HTML does not update on a change of the string. I think I have to trigger some event that the string did change. How would I go about that? Is there an easy way as there is the WinJS.Binding.List for list datasources?

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Your object needs to be observable, which your property-defined-on-a-namespace is not.

Your code needs to change like this:

WinJS.Namespace.define("Data", {
        asString: currentDateString,

Data.currentDate.asString = "Another day!";

When the assignment executes, it will change the value.

There are other helpers for observables, such as WinJS.Binding.define

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