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Which is preferred: Nullable<>.HasValue or Nullable<> == null?

I have field DateTime? Date

I need check Date for null and set min value.

var anyDate = Date ?? DateTime.MinValue();


var anyDate = Date.HasValue ? Date.Value : DateTime.MinValue();

what is right ?

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Both will work, but the semantics of the second are better. –  Oded Nov 28 '12 at 10:42
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I think you can use this

var anyDate = Date.GetValueOrDefault(DateTime.MinValue);

Since you want to check for null and in that case assign a default value, this roughly translates to the form

   return Date.Value;
return defaultvalue;
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Both are. First one is shorter and then has my preference. Check : Which is preferred: Nullable<>.HasValue or Nullable<> == null?

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