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I'm tring to use jquery validate to show some errors returned from the server.

I'm using the validator.showErrors() method to do this.

I can get the method to work as per the example here.

var validator = $("#myform").validate();
validator.showErrors({"firstname": "I know that your firstname is Pete, Pete!"});

What I'm trying to achieve however is to have 2 or more validation errors for the same or different fields. According to the documentation this is possible

Show the specified messages. Keys have to refer to the names of elements, values are displayed for those elements, using the configured error placement.


errors Object<String, String> One or more key/value pairs of input names and messages.

Looking inside the showErrors method shows the following:

    showErrors: function(errors) {
        if(errors) {
            // add items to error list and map
            $.extend( this.errorMap, errors );
            this.errorList = [];
            for ( var name in errors ) {
                    message: errors[name],
                    element: this.findByName(name)[0]
            // remove items from success list
            this.successList = $.grep( this.successList, function(element) {
                return !(element.name in errors);
            ? this.settings.showErrors.call( this, this.errorMap, this.errorList )
            : this.defaultShowErrors();

I have tried the following:

validator.showErrors({ "Id": "I know that your firstname is Pete, Pete!" },{ "Id":"test2"});

but it still only shows the first error.

Any idea the correct format to use to get it to show multiple errors

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So it would appear the correct format is

validator.showErrors({ "Id": ["I know that your firstname is Pete", "test2" ]});

Unfortunately the second error is shown right next to the first error, so my next issue is to find a nicer way to format these.

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this array syntax gives me an error, if you have the time I'd be interested to see a demo on jsfiddle –  Dr Blowhard Nov 28 '12 at 11:11
jsfiddle.net/4pqjZ –  Daniel Powell Nov 28 '12 at 11:43
great, it turns out this functionality works using jquery >= 1.8.2 but will throw a javascript exception on jquery <= 1.7.2 (which is what I was using) –  Dr Blowhard Nov 28 '12 at 12:20
I wonder what the difference is –  Daniel Powell Nov 28 '12 at 20:28

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