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I am calling a perl script in build machine 1 to connect to build machine 2 and call a perl script in build machine 2. The module I am using is Net::Telnet.

Recently I upgraded my bitkeeper in Build machine 2. Since then I am getting the license agreement form of Bitkeeper in the background. So my script is as good as paused till I kill the prompt's process from task manager.

If I kill the process, the bitkeeper clone command will fail and hence my entire build will fail. I am not able to bring this sneaky bkgui.exe process to front and accept the license agreement once and for all.

Can you please help me in solving this problem?


  1. I am not getting the license error when I open a command prompt in build machine 2 and call the same script which was called from telnet.
  2. I ran 'whoami' command in my script running in build machine 2 and found it to be administrator.
  3. 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\tlntsvr.exe' is running and the USER is 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM'.
  4. When I call telnet from command line of buildmachine 1 and call the script in buildmachine 2, even then the bk command get executed successfully.

I want to run my bitkeeper command in build machine 2 from build machine 1.

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You can try the "bk legal -pT" command. See "bk help legal" for usage.

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Detailed Solution: Login to telnet in the same machine. 'telnet localhost' should do that. Run 'bk legal -pT' or 'bk legal -pG' and accept the license. To be on safer side, you can also run 'psexec -i -s cmd' and in the new command window, you can issue the bk legal commands. I followed both the steps and it worked fine. –  user1315520 Nov 30 '12 at 7:12

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