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Is there a way to add styling to rails form_for and make it display inline?

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You want to display the form's fields inline? –  Sam Sep 1 '09 at 3:19

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There might be a cleaner way to do this, but it works. (I tried with another nested hash, no dice)

 <% form_for(@model, :html => { :style => 'background-color:red;' }) do |f| %>
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If there's a cleaner way, great ... but this works just fine for me if there isn't! Thanks so much Andy! –  Daniel Sep 1 '09 at 4:35

Put it in a div of the appropriate class? Its a display thing, not a rails thing.


.inline form { display: inline; }


<div class="inline">
  <%= form....
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A even cleaner way would be to define the styling in an external stylesheet (like application.css). form_for creates a <form id="something"/> tag with an id attribute. You can of course use this id in your stylesheet(s) to apply some specific styling to the form.

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