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movdqa xmm0, ptr fs:[eax] and movdqu (Array[ebx]), xmm0 are the 2 instructions are not executing in my compiler. Please can any tell me the exact opcode for those instruction?

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movdqa xmm0, ptr fs:[eax]

Uses segment override prefix for FS, (three-byte) opcode and ModR/M byte. It should look like this:

0x64           ;<-- segment override prefix FS
0x66 0x0F 0x6F ;<-- opcode
0x00           ;<-- ModR/M is 000 for Reg (xmm0), 00 for Mod 
               ;(single member addressing) and 000 for Memory ([EAX])

Second instruction doesn't use segment override prefix.

movdqu (Array[ebx]), xmm0

I think I don't understand that first brackets here. If they mean setting value of Array[ebx], then code should look like this:

0xF3 0x0F 0x7F ;<-- opcode
0x80           ;ModR/M is 00 for Reg (xmm0), 10 for Mod
               ;(register+disp32) and 000 for memory ([EAX+disp32])
0xdeadbeef     ;little-endian encoded address displacement for Array

If they mean advanced calculation, there's need for SIB byte.

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